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Seminole art takes center stage

FORT LAUDERDALE – The public will get a chance to see the work of more than two dozen Seminole artists starting in November.

In recognition of Native American Heritage Month, History Fort Lauderdale will host “A Return to Self: The Art of
Healing,” which features works by the tribe’s most prominent artists. The exhibit will open Nov. 21 and run through Jan. 9, 2022.

“This is especially relevant now as we navigate new ways to connect with and care for loved ones during the pandemic
and learn from Native American artists who have been nurturing themselves and this land for hundreds of years,” said Patricia Zeiler, executive director of History Fort Lauderdale. “We are grateful to the Seminole Tribe of Florida for its continued support of History Fort Lauderdale during Native American Heritage Month and beyond.”

Opening day will feature a VIP tour and a meet-and-greet with artists.

Curated by Tara Chadwick and Tia Blais-Billie, “A Return to Self: The Art of Healing” will showcase a variety of contemporary and traditional media including oils, acrylics, fiber, glass, metals, mixed media and digital art from 25 Seminole artists spanning five generations. The artists are Durante Blais-Billie, Tia Blais-Billie, Wilson Bowers, Carla Cypress, Nicholas DiCarlo, Erica Deitz, Ruby Dietz, Donna Frank, Stephanie Hall, Eden Jumper, Elgin Jumper, Danielle Nelson, Alyssa Osceola, Jackie Osceola, Jacob Osceola, Jessica Osceola, the late Jimmy Osceola, Leroy Osceola, Madeline Osceola, Iretta Tiger, Daniel Tommie, Samuel Tommie, Gordon Oliver Wareham, Brian Zepeda and Corinne Zepeda.

Complimentary admission is available for Art Basel First Choice or Preview cardholders. Guests can participate in the
exhibit’s premiere in-person or online. History Fort Lauderdale admission is $15 for adults, $12 for seniors and $7 for students (through age 22 with a valid student ID). Admission is free for members, military and children ages six and under. Tickets are available online.

This work is by Tia Blais-Billie. (Courtesy image)
Jessica Osceola created this piece. (Courtesy image)
A work by Brian Zepeda. (Courtesy image)