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Pumpkins help educate PECS immersion students

BRIGHTON — Pemayetv Emahakv Charter School immersion students engaged in various pumpkin investigation activities Oct. 26, all of them done in Este Cate (Creek) language.

The different activities were read aloud with Jennie Shore. Activities included pumpkin measuring with corresponding
math and pumpkin carving and painting. Students did a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) activity in which they built a structure made of pumpkin candy and toothpicks to see if it was capable of supporting the weight of different sized pumpkins. Through this STEM challenge students utilized physics, engineering and math skills to design and build the structure.

The last activity was cooking pumpkins over the open fire of the chickee. Students made pumpkin fry bread.

“What better way to end this wonderful learning experience than to enjoy a piece of delicious pumpkin bread after all the hard work,” wrote Jade Osceola on the PECS Facebook page.

Efeke-wvnhe Fludd considers the variety of colors as he prepares to paint his pumpkin. (Courtesy photo)
Immersion teacher Jade Osceola cooks squash and pumpkin in the PECS cooking chickee. (Courtesy photo)
Hvse-hecv Osceola reaches deep as she carves a pumpkin during the immersion class’s pumpkin activity day Oct. 26. (Courtesy photo)
Vpeyet Lawrence mixes cooked pumpkin for pumpkin bread. (Courtesy photo)
Vtvssv Lavatta holds a completed worksheet in Creek along with a pumpkin. (Courtesy photo)