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Photos: Spring brings plenty of tribal events

Bryce Osceola and her niece Miakoda Osceola enjoy the breeze coming off the lake at the Naples Ochaape Ahfachkee Tanohkeem event. (Photo Beverly Bidney)
Billie Tiger checks one of the briskets she and the rest of the We Do Recover group cooked for the Naples Ochaape Ahfachkee Tanohkeem, or Happy Garden Gathering, on April 21. (Photo Beverly Bidney)
We Do Recover members Kenneth Tommie, Gary McInturff and Charlie Tiger prepare hot dogs and hamburgers for the event. (Photo Beverly Bidney)
Artist Jessica Osceola sells some of her artwork to a visitor from Naples. She made a lot of ceramics, painting and textiles during the pandemic and was happy to share them. (Photo Beverly Bidney)
Carie Osceola makes not-so-traditional shakers from cans filled with brass bbs at the Naples Ochaape Ahfachkee Tanohkeem. (Photo Beverly Bidney)
Mari Veliz peddles the stationary bike to mix up a healthy and delicious smoothie at the Health department’s booth. (Photo Beverly Bidney)
Tyra Jimmie, Daleen Osceola, Jaylee Jimmie, Lania Bert and Athena Bert hang out together at the Big Cypress Spring Festival. (Photo Beverly Bidney)
Patsy Veliz and her daughter Nalahni Veliz enjoy the Big Cypress Spring Festival on April 19 at the Junior Cypress Rodeo grounds. (Photo Beverly Bidney)
Tammy Billie mans the fry bread bar, where customers partook of a slew of toppings for their fry bread. (Photo Beverly Bidney)
Johnnie Jimmie, back row center, enjoys his family at the Big Cypress Spring Festival. From left are Jaylee Jimmie, Destiny Cypress, Alice Jimmie, Lena Cypress and Billie Cypress. (Photo Beverly Bidney)