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Photos: Indian Day 2022

BIG CYPRESS: Cherelee Hall gives it her all as she peels a log. (Photo Beverly Bidney)
HOLLYWOOD: Talia Jones competes in horseshoes. (Photo Kevin Johnson)
BRIGHTON: Brighton Councilman Larry Howard carries logs on his shoulders as he competes in the cypress run. (Photo Beverly Bidney)
HOLLYWOOD: Kenny Tommie smiles after finishing the archery competition. (Photo Kevin Johnson)
TRAIL: Kenny Joe Davis gets ready to launch a long throw in the skillet toss. (Photo Kevin Johnson)
BRIGHTON: In the clothing contest, from left, are Rylee Smith, Myron Billie, Layton Thomas, Layne Thomas, Randy Shore and Malcom Jones. (Photo Damon Scott)
IMMOKALEE: Cecilia Garcia, left, and Susan Davis transfer a pot of spaghetti to a warming pan for the reservation’s luncheon. (Photo Beverly Bidney)
BRIGHTON: Marilyn Doney, left, shows her determination as she competes in the thatch race. (Photo Beverly Bidney)
TRAIL: Juelz Billie chops up brisket at Huggins Camp. (Photo Kevin Johnson)
HOLLYWOOD: Indian Day included the hatchet throw on the ballfields. (Photo Kevin Johnson)
FORT PIERCE: Antonio Timothy lines up his shot at the archery competition. (Photo Damon Scott)
TRAIL: “J.R. the Brisket Man” cooks on a large grill at the Huggins Camp. (Photo Kevin Johnson)
TRAIL: From left, Teegan Osceola-Bartlett, Reylan Osceola, Magnum Osceola in the clothing contest. (Photo Kevin Johnson)
HOLLYWOOD: Clothing contest participants line up on the gymnasium floor at the Howard Tiger Recreation Center. (Photo Calvin Tiger)
TRAIL: Birdie Osceola-Bartlett, left, and Makynna Ramirez enjoy Italian ice. (Photo Kevin Johnson)
FORT PIERCE: Patricia Wilcox enjoys lunch with her grandson Neko Osceola Jr. (Photo Damon Scott)
FORT PIERCE: From left are Knowledj Ervin, Jayveon Wyatt, Trenton Timothy and Jamarion Foxx. (Photo Damon Scott)
HOLLYWOOD: Charlie Tiger, front, and Vince Billie head toward the finish line in the canoe race. It was held at the pond across from the entrance to the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. (Photo Calvin Tiger)
BRIGHTON: In the clothing contest, from left, are Clarissa Urbina, Shyla Jones and Holly Fulford. (Photo Damon Scott)
HOLLYWOOD: Grant Osceola, left, and Doc Native compete in a horseshoe match. (Photo Kevin Johnson)
IMMOKALEE: Council Liaison Raymond Garza Sr. holds his canoe wood sculpture, which won first place in the arts and crafts contest. (Photo Beverly Bidney)
BIG CYPRESS: Terinna Cypress, left, and Sydnee Cypress paddle past Seminole firefighters as they compete in the canoe race. (Photo Beverly Bidney)