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Osceola Brothers win band competition in Oklahoma City

Drummer Sheldon Osceola performs at the battle of the bands in Oklahoma City. (First Americans Museum)

Brothers Cameron, Tyson and Sheldon Osceola, who grew up on the Hollywood Reservation, have been playing music together for most of their lives as the Osceola Brothers band. Cameron plays guitar and is the lead vocalist, Tyson plays bass guitar and Sheldon keeps the rhythm on drums.

On Aug. 26, the band won the First Americans Museum’s Rock the Native Vote battle of the bands in Oklahoma City. FAM partnered with Rock the Native Vote for Gen Z: Vote the Future, which hosted the competition featuring three emerging Indigenous bands. The bands were AJ Harvey (Ponca/Pawnee/Hidatsa), Olivia Komahcheet (Comanche/Otoe-Missouria) and the Osceola Brothers (Seminole/Kiowa).

The Osceola Brothers thanked their fans on their Instagram page.

“And thank you to all of you for voting us as the winners of the Battle of the Bands,” the post read. “We’ve never done anything like this, so it was a great experience.”

The Osceola Brothers, who live in Nashville, are a hard rock power trio. Their music combines glam punk, heavy metal and blues. The band’s bio states that the message of their music is hope, healing and power. Rock the Native Vote aims to engage the 18-24 year old demographic. Organizers at the event held question and answer sessions.

Rock the Native Vote’s checklist of why every vote matters was posted on the FAM website with information about the concert. The group noted that Oklahoma is second in the nation with the highest population of voting-age Native Americans; 10% of eligible voters in the 2020 election were classified as Generation Z; in 2020 24 million eligible voters were between the ages of 18 and 23; and according to the National Congress of American Indians, 1.2 million Native Americans nationwide are not registered to vote.

The Osceola Brothers perform in a battle of the bands competition at First Americans Museum. (First Americans Museum)
From left are Tyson (bass), Cameron (guitar) and Sheldon (drums) Osceola. (First Americans Museum)