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Nominations sought for heritage awards

TALLAHASSEE — Secretary of State Laurel M. Lee announced Aug. 16 that the Florida Department of State is seeking nominations for the 2020 Florida Folk Heritage Awards.

The annual awards recognize individuals who have made exemplary contributions to Florida’s traditional culture.

The 2019 Florida Folk Heritage Awards recipients included former Seminole Tribe of Florida Chairman James E. Billie.

Folklife includes a wide range of creative forms such as art, crafts, dance, language, music and ritual.

These cultural traditions are transmitted by word of mouth and demonstration, and are shared within community, ethnic, occupational, religious and regional folk groups.

Nominees should be individuals whose art or advocacy has embodied the best of traditional culture in their communities.

Nominations should describe the accomplishments and background of the nominee and explain why he or she deserves statewide recognition for preserving a significant facet of the state’s cultural heritage.

Supporting materials such as photographs, slides, audio-visual samples and letters will assist the state’s Florida Folklife Council in evaluating nominees.

Each nomination requires at least two letters of support from community members, colleagues, peers, cultural specialists or any other individuals who can confirm the details of the nomination and attest to the nominee’s qualifications.

Nominations must be postmarked no later than Oct.1, 2019, and mailed to: Florida Folklife Program, Division of Historical Resources, 500 South Bronough Street, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0250.

Nominations can also be emailed to