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Lexi Foreman leading top state-ranked Anadarko Lady Warriors basketball

By: Dan Ninham (Oneida)

The Class 4A Anadarko Lady Warriors recently won their hosted Warrior Classic. There are several team members who are playing outstanding together. One of them is Lexi Foreman.

Foreman is a 5’8”, junior, guard for the 10-1 Lady Warriors in Anadarko, Oklahoma.

“My tribes are Florida Seminole, Kiowa, and Sac and Fox,” said Lexi. “My mother is Florida Seminole and Kiowa, and my father is Kiowa and Sac and Fox. We’ve been living in Anadarko pretty much all my life.”

“One tribal core value I grew up with was to respect my elders, and I translate that onto the court by showing respect to my coaches and refs,” said Lexi. “Another value would be the importance of my family. I love my teams (both H.S. and AAU) like they are my family. It’s really more than just basketball. God has blessed me with the talents I have today. So the way I carry myself on the court is to honor God, my family, tribes, and school.”

After helping Anadarko High School win an Oklahoma state championship last season, Lexi Foreman and the Warriors are eying a repeat this season. (Courtesy photo)

“My parents, coaches, teammates, & family have all influenced me to become a better basketball player,” said Lexi. “Not only for myself, but for them as well. They’ve pushed me to limits that I never knew I needed to be pushed, taught me to be humble and become more confident in my game.”

Dad and mom Matthew and Alicia Foreman addressed their daughter Lexi working on her basketball skills: “Lexi had started dribbling a basketball constantly, throughout the house, around the first grade. At that point, we decided to sign her up to play at the YMCA. Her first team was all boys, but she held her own. She has always been a competitor whether in sports, the classroom and with her siblings.”

“In the second grade she started to practice with her older brother and his team. Her dad was the coach, so he included her in all the drills and scrimmages. By the fourth grade she had a great coach who recognized her ability. Her constant dribbling finally paid off as she started as point guard in the 4-6th grade league. That year she helped lead her team to a championship and undefeated season. There were several games in which she was leading scorer and at least one game in which she scored two points for the opposing team. She managed to carry on that tradition through the 8th grade, mistakenly of course usually at the jump ball, she went the wrong way.”

“In high school, the team plays great together and Coach Zinn is always encouraging her to do what he knows she can do. He has conditioned them in a way that helps build their endurance more than any other. Outside of high school, she really loves the high level of competition in AAU basketball. Her coach, Aso Pogi, has had a very positive impact in her development as a player. The team is very family-oriented and the other players have the same mindset as Lexi, which results in some great basketball.”

Coach Aso Pogi reflected on getting to know Lexi Foreman: “I met her when she was in 5th grade. She was playing for her dad and we faced each other in a tournament. After watching her play I instantly knew she belonged with us. Although we beat Lexi’s group, I chased down her dad after the game and began to tell him how much I thought she would fit us perfectly. Matt was so kind and really felt like Lexi would be a great addition to our group. I think the hesitation for Matt and Lexi, was more about her fitting in and feeling like she belonged. After her first tournament experience with the girls, it was a match made in heaven. These girls have been together ever since. By the time the girls were going into the 9th grade, they had established themselves as one of the Elite Teams in Oklahoma.”

“In the summer of 2019, our group went 17-1 and we were fortunate to win three National Championships. Lexi is definitely one of our Captains and her leadership although is not loud, she is very efficient and effective. She leads with her play and is an all around player. Lexi can score outside and inside, she can defend 1 through 5, she leads us in steals and blocks, and she will sacrifice her body by taking charges. I can remember us being down to a good team in New Orleans, and it just seemed like we were not into it. No energy. I challenged the girls and Lexi went out and took two charges, got two steals in a row, and knocked down a big three-pointer. After that, we blew that team out by 30 points and finished the tournament with another championship,” added Coach Aso.

“But most of all, I love her embracing personality,” said Coach Aso. “She accepts people for who they are but she’s so loyal to her friends! She loves hard and she is always kind. I could go on all day about this great person and player. It has been an honor and privilege to get to coach Lexi. She is a coaches dream player to coach.”

“My husband and I knew Lexi Foreman was special when she was an 8th grader in the fall of 2017,” said Lila Osceola-Heard. “We were coaches with Next Level Natives and ended up playing against Lexi at a Youth Native tourney. We had a good team, and she was making plays for her team, keeping them in the game. Not just by scoring, but also from getting assists, setting screens, a little bit of everything. We came out on top and we took notice of her skills and how she carried herself. Lexi and my daughter Stailee Heard became friends soon after the tournament. Lexi began playing with our team Next Level Natives when she was available.”

“Then summer of 2019, Lexi’s AAU team, Oklahoma Swish played in Tulsa and needed a player, and called my daughter to play. And as they say the rest is history, Lexi and Stailee love playing together. Lexi has the qualities of a champion, humble demeanor off the court and shines on the court. She plays for her team, loves getting steals and dropping dimes. Takes pride in her defense and loves getting stops as much as she loves to score. Lexi keeps adding to her game with her pizzazz she is growing as a leader. Lexi is the type of kid all coaches love to coach, gives eye contact, stays calm under pressure, does what’s asked if her, encourages her teammates, stays positive and loves the game,” said Lila.

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