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Immokalee, Tampa Seminoles celebrate Indigenous Pink Day

Members of the Frank family, including Nancy Frank, front and center in the photo, Lauri Billie, Connie Osceola, Aaron Frank, Kevin Fran, Dominic Osceola and Amari Osceola walk together on Indigenous Pink Day on Oct. 15, to celebrate Nancy’s 17 years as a cancer survivor. (Courtesy photo)

Breast cancer awareness month in October included the American Indian Cancer Foundation’s annual Indigenous Pink Day on the 15th. The national breast cancer awareness campaign for Native Americans was on a digital platform and participants, including those in Immokalee and Tampa, walked wherever they were. Walkers were encouraged to post photos on social media with the hashtag #IndigenousPink.

Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths among American Indian women, according to the foundation. The Indigenous Pink Day virtual walk is meant to educate Native communities about the importance of early detection and remind individuals to talk to their doctors about breast cancer screening.

Amy Yzaguirre, Cecilia Garcia, America Ramirez and Juanita Martinez walked together on Oct. 15, Indigenous Pink Day. (Courtesy photo)
Sheena Yzaguirre and Sally Rosales celebrate Indigenous Pink Day with a walk through the Immokalee Reservation. (Beverly Bidney photo)
Ronnie and Tricia Doctor walk together in Tampa for Indigenous Pink Day. (Courtesy photo)
Tampa resident Nancy Frank is happy to have survived cancer for 17 years. She and her family participated in the Indigenous Pink Day virtual walk in Tampa. (Courtesy photo)