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Fort Pierce Indian Day

FP Indian Day07The Fort Pierce community celebrated Indian Day a week earlier on Sept. 21 at the Chupco Ranch. Family, friends and Tribal members from other reservations came together for a day of fellowship and friendly competition.

Throughout the day, adults competed in traditional games, including, archery, hatchet throwing, log peeling and horseshoes, while youth entertained themselves on the 40-foot waterslide and bounce houses.

“It’s to celebrate what our ancestors fought for and to bring back our heritage,” said Tribal member Josh Sneed. “Every time we have this event it’s a learning experience for everyone and it’s good to bring the family together and let everyone celebrate.”

At the end of the day everyone enjoyed a traditional meal of beef stew, spam and tomato gravy, rice, chicken, Indian tacos, frybread and much more prepared by Savannah Huggins, of Trail. After dinner, adults played a few games of bingo.