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Everett Osceola named cultural ambassador for Seminole Tribe

Everett OsceolaHOLLYWOOD — Tribal Council unanimously appointed Everett Osceola as cultural ambassador for the Seminole Tribe of Florida during the Sept. 11 Council meeting in Hollywood.

With the appointment, Council authorized Osceola to speak on behalf of the Tribe in connection with news, events, exhibits and similar activities regarding Seminole history, culture and traditions to ensure the integrity of the information dispersed to the public.

“With this position I hope to work with other museums and outside organizations to help spread the stories, history and more importantly, the message of the Seminole people,” Osceola said. “My love has always been history, and growing up I have always been proud of my Tribe and my Tribal members’ past and present, and especially of our rich history. I believe our story should be respectfully told and handled by us.”

Osceola graduated from Valencia Community College with an associate degree in psychology. He worked for Seminole Media Production’s Broadcasting Department for three years before accepting a position with the Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum as an outreach specialist, a job he held for nine years. Under the mentorship of Brian Zepeda, Osceola learned the art of Seminole storytelling, presenting and event coordination. He presented Seminole history and culture at school and museums around Florida.

Osceola has had a strong presence in Broward County, coordinating events with local organizations to showcase Native culture in Fort Lauderdale, where Seminoles once thrived along the New River before being displaced by white settlers. In conjunction with the Bonnet House Museum & Gardens, he recently organized a cruise along the river to provide locals an accurate account of what happened between whites and Natives during the Second Seminole War.

He has also worked closely with the Stranahan House, where Seminoles traded with owners Frank and Ivy Stranahan during the turn of the 20th century.

Osceola said he will put his experience to use with the new appointment.

“I also want to take this moment to show gratitude and appreciation for those who have helped me and even pushed me to where I am now: Marlene Schotanus, Oliver Wareham, Brian Zepeda, April Kirk, Pete Hahn, William Sydnor, Van Samuels, and last and certainly not least, my mother (WACHEE) who has always been watching over me and when I was young would always tell me, ‘We all have to fight real hard at one point in our life.’”