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Education holds College Essay Writing Workshop

Essay Workshop01By Andrea Holata

Instead of sleeping late during the weekend, seniors tribalwide attended all-day College Essay Writing Workshops in Hollywood and Brighton Nov. 9 to help prepare for the college application process.

The Education Department sought to help conquer the anxiety seniors may feel when writing essays, filling out applications and taking entrance exams, all while maintaining good grades in high school.

“The objective of today is to make sure students leave here with an autobiography of themselves and also a nice resume – or at least having some ideas put down on paper,” said Frank Birts, higher education recruiter for the Tribe. “When students want to go to college, sometimes the difference of them getting in may be how well they articulate themselves on paper.”

At the Brighton workshop held at the Veteran’s Building, the Education Department utilized tutors from Pemayetv Emahakv Charter School to help students narrow down essay topics and critique their writing.

Ten students registered for the Brighton workshop and five in Hollywood. Many completed their essays.

“I came here today because with the help that we get it makes things so much easier and less stressful, so why not seize the opportunity and get help,” said participant Brianna Nunez. “I got a basic understanding of what should be in my essay, how to write it and certain things that should be put into it and things that shouldn’t be.”

Acealyn Youngblood used the workshop to help prepare for college as well.

Youngblood wants to attend the Savannah College of Art & Design in Georgia to major in animation. She hopes to intern at DreamWorks Animation in California. She wrote her essay on how her culture could benefit her career.

“[Animation] involves telling stories and bringing them to life,” Youngblood said. “Legends have always been told verbally and I think I could put it visually for people to see. I wrote about how my grandparents would tell us stories and how I would visualize them in my head and later I would want to draw them.”

The Education Department plans to hold a similar workshop in Tampa in January. Interested students should call 954-989-6840 for more details.