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‘Christ’ will always be in Christmas

James_E_BillieIt’s hard to believe that it’s December! It feels more like summertime.

If it weren’t for the decorations on the town’s street lights, you wouldn’t know it was Christmas.

This year it has been interesting to watch the global issues that affect every human being – immigration, religion, the economy, politics, people getting shot and killed.

Our Christmas faith is being tested to its limits.

I saw on the morning news where some folks are, again, trying to eliminate “Christ” out of Christmas. It’s Jesus Christ’s birthday. Why would you take his name out?

What was more interesting is the news commentator never mentioned it was only one person who made that comment. But he got the publicity!

In my household, “Christ” will always be in Christmas.

This Christmas, stay safe, enjoy yourself and don’t eat too much la pa lee.

Shoo cah mool kee.


James E. Billie is Chairman of the Seminole Tribe of Florida.