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Budget: A pain in the hookchee

James E. BillieTribal Council is now going through its yearly budgeting process. It’s a pain in the hookchee but it is necessary for our government operations.

The humor of it all is when an individual Tribal member overhears an in-house discussion or a debate on some program that we should get rid of or keep. The Tribal member will go spread the wrong information and cause confusion in our community.

If these people could wait until the final outcome, it would probably give the Councilmen less headaches. Of course, if the person has political aspirations driving them to cause this ruckus, I say, “Have at it!”

It only gives Tribal officials a little more challenge in performing our duties.

While other governments and businesses may be having some difficulty going through this recession, up to now, we are doing very well.

I believe this year our Council and Board are going to bring in new business onto our reservations which will increase our revenues even more.

We have gone through all types of obstacles. And we have prevailed to become one of the most respected Tribes.


James E. Billie is Chairman of the Seminole Tribe of Florida.