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Big Wind: Fub le che cho bee

James_E_BillieFub le che cho bee season is here. Seminoles say that the Big Wind is a female passing by. You must refrain from whistling or blowing into objects that make a sharp sound such as bottles or flutes.

If the Big Wind hears these sounds, she will come toward you with force trying to save her baby that is crying for help. If the Big Wind is coming your way on her natural course and your chickee (house) or village is in her path:

1. Ask your Wind Clan member to tell her to leave your village or chickee alone and not to harm them, or:

2. Place the sharp cutting edge of an object such as an ax or machete or knives in the direction of the Fub le che cho bee. This will cause Big Wind to split and go around you, causing no destruction.

Throughout my life on Earth, I’ve seen hurricanes come and go.

Wind Clan members are called up daily to provide clear air or to provide air to our medicine.

During this time of year, when air turns to strong wind, we call upon the Wind Clan’s help for protection.

If you cannot locate a Wind Clan member, put up the ax or something sharp to split the Fub le che cho bee.

This is not a fable or a joke. It works!


James E. Billie is Chairman of the Seminole Tribe of Florida.