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Big Cypress embraces ‘Sunshine’ drive thru

BIG CYPRESS — Instead of pink hearts for Valentine’s Day, the Big Cypress Junior Cypress Rodeo Arena was festooned with a sunny palette of sunflower yellow for the You Are Sunshine drive thru event Feb. 11.

The Big Cypress Council Office changed the Valentine’s Day narrative to one of promoting care, love and respect for one’s self to foster a happy life, supportive relationships and safe communities.

Not a speck of pink was in sight as the community drove through the arena where they were greeted by sunflowers, balloons and plenty of sweet treats such as donuts and candy.

Councilwoman Mariann Billie’s office organized the event and handed out good wishes along with the treats.

Big Cypress Councilwoman Mariann Billie pass out gifts to members of the Big Cypress community during the You Are Sunshine drive thru event Feb. 11. (Photo Beverly Bidney)
Lewis Gopher Jr., left, and Big Cypress Councilwoman Mariann Billie. (Photo Beverly Bidney)
A group of tribal members receive their gifts in an open air vehicle. (Photo Beverly Bidney)
Edna McDuffie, left, and Marlin Miller-Covarrubias, who helped hand out flowers, enjoy their time at the event. (Photo Beverly Bidney)