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Ahfachkee seniors donate plants to senior center

The Ahfachkee School high school seniors donated plants to the Big Cypress Senior Center on Feb. 24.

The students grew a variety of plants at the school’s culture camp, including aloe, wild lemon trees, potatoes and other garden plants. Each one was planted in a container with fresh soil and a card that read
“Echeepohttchomeeka,” which means “we are thinking of you” in Elaponke.

With Big Cypress Senior Center site manager Angelita Arreguin (second from left) are Ahfachkee students, from left, Carlise Bermudez, Rosalinda Jimmie, Maggie Jimmie, Kassim Stockton, Ronnie Jimmie, Akira Cabral and Timothy Tigertail with plants they donated to the center Feb. 24. (Danielle Jumper-Frye)
Aloe plants, with a message, are gifts for elders at the Big Cypress Senior Center, courtesy of Ahfachkee high school culture students. (Danielle Jumper-Frye)
Rosalinda Jimmie shows off an aloe plant in the Ahfachkee garden. (Danielle Jumper-Frye)