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Native youth report places spotlight on young leaders, issues

The Center for Native American Youth (CNAY) released its unique annual report Nov. 16. CNAY is an initiative of the Washington, D.C.-based Aspen Institute. The 2018 "State of Native Youth Report – Generation Indigenous," is meant to highlight young Native leaders who are working on programs and initiatives across the country

NCAI leaders see ICWA, land issues as urgent priorities

DENVER — There are many issues on the minds of tribal members and leaders across North America that affect Indian Country. Some are more pressing than others. Two topics that took center stage at the recent National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) conference in Denver were the surprising court ruling that

New Zealand Natives visit Seminole reservations

About 8,000 miles from their home, two Natives from New Zealand toured Seminole reservations, learning about the Tribe’s culture along the way while sharing their own culture. Wikuki Kingi, of Maori/Hawaiian decent, and Tania Wolfgramma, of Maori /Tonga decent, visited the Hollywood Culture Department on Oct. 28. The couple came to

Mustangs, 4-H’ers get to know each other

Jiminy is a quiet horse, for a wild mustang. So says Allegra Billie, who adopted him in late August as part of the Seminole 4-H Mustang Challenge and has been working with him every day since. "When I first brought him home, I couldn’t touch him at all," said Billie, 18, a