IMMOKALEE — Immokalee students started the school year with new backpacks and school supplies thanks to Tribal Council, the Board and other Tribal departments.

Students and parents came to the field office Aug. 12 to choose from 200 colorful backpacks and an abundance of notebooks, pencils, notebook paper, markers and other classroom essentials.

Supplies in hand, these students were off to a good start at school, which began Aug. 13 in Immokalee.

Summer Martinez, 17, and Jazmine Garcia, 10, show off their new backpacks Aug. 12, just in time for the new school year. (Beverly Bidney)
Alice Jimmie, 11, at left, chooses the perfect backpack to start the school year at the Immokalee back to school bash. (Photo Beverly Bidney)
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