BIG CYPRESS — The 34th annual Herman L. Osceola Memorial Basketball Tournament was held in March at the gymnasium that is named in Herman’s honor and memory.

The tournament is held each year on or around the anniversary of the death of U.S. Marine Lance Cpl. Herman Osceola, who died on March 24, 1984 in a military helicopter crash in South Korea.

Results (team organizers in parenthesis)

Legends Women:

1st: Young Legends 1 (Geraldine Osceola)

2nd: Young Legends 2 (Myra Jumper)

Legends Men:

1st: Killer Whales (Jason Billie)

2nd: Legends (Sandy Billie)

Adults Women:

1st: Lady Hittaz (Kelcie Jumper)

2nd: Wide Open (Hali Garcia)

Adults Men

1st: Uncivilized Tribe (Byron Billie)

2nd: Darkside (Darnell Osceola)

Men’s 3-point shooting

contest winner:

Issiah Billie

Women’s runner-up Lady Seminoles (Courtesy photo)
Mens’ champion Uncivilized Tribe (Courtesy photo)
Herman’s sister, Valdenia Osceola, and mother, Ruby Osceola, show a cake with Herman’s photo on it. Lunch and dinner was provided during the event. (Photo Kevin Johnson)
Darlah Cypress soars for a layup during a woman’s division game at the 34th annual Herman L. Osceola Memorial Basketball Tournament in Big Cypress. (Photo Kevin Johnson)
Teams battle in the paint during a women’s division game. (Photo Kevin Johnson)
Ruby Osceola presents a check to Issiah Billie after he won the men’s 3-point contest.
(Courtesy photo)
Women’s champion Lady Hittaz
(Courtesy photo)
Nate Lane (24) wins a tip at the start of a game. (Photo Kevin Johnson)
The plaque that honors Lance Cpl. Herman L. Osceola outside the gym that bears his name.
(Photo Kevin Johnson)
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