The beginning of autumn is more than just a time for pumpkins, apple pie and scary movies. For high school students, it is also the time to narrow down the search for colleges.

As part of this search, many organizations host college fairs throughout the fall and winter semesters. At these fairs, colleges from around the nation, and sometimes the world, come together to offer admission information to students and their families.

The Center for Student Success and Services is working to share college fair opportunities with the Tribal community. A Broward County college fair will be held at Nova Southeastern University on Oct. 9 from 6 to 9 p.m.

Alvaro Perez, higher education program manager at CSSS, said that while it’s particularly important for high school junior and seniors to attend college fairs, younger high schoolers and even middle schoolers should attend.

“To get into the school you want to go to, you have to be successful in high school. In order to be successful in high school, you have to be prepared before you get to high school,” he said. “The earlier you’re prepared, the easier the application process will be and the more likely you’ll get into your school of choice.”

Generally, each college, university, technical school or other post-graduation opportunity has an individual booth or station at the fair. A representative — usually someone who works in the admissions or human resources department — is available to answer questions and provide information about what their particular organization is like. Perez said these recruiters typically have a mental checklist of what they look for in students and that college fairs are their chance to recruit as many people as possible