BRIGHTON This summer will be a hot one with no respite in the pool for Brighton residents. The community pool is closed for improvements until August.

The roof is being razed on the indoor pool to make it an outdoor only facility. Originally built in 2000, the 75 by 45 foot junior Olympic heated pool was resurfaced about two years ago. Additions to the site will include a larger patio area, new benches, new patio umbrellas and three new chickees. Rounding out the recreational area are a 20 by 20 foot kiddie pool and a 40 foot diameter hot tub. The locker rooms, office and parking lot will also get a facelift.

“This has been in the works for less than a year,” said Judy Jones, pool manager. “The pool gets a lot of usage; we have water aerobics, swimming lessons, the charter school uses it and there are usually summertime parties every Saturday and Sunday.”


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