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Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki exhibit honors Tribal elders

BIG CYPRESS — While the Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum is known for preserving the Seminoles’ past, it is constantly working to honor the present and pave the way for the future. In doing so, the museum curated the exhibit “Depicting Wisdom: Seminole Elders in Art.” The exhibit features work by Tribal members Noah

Tribalwide clean eating challenge kicks off holiday season

The holiday season usually ends with resolutions to live a healthier year. Even though these resolutions don’t usually begin until January, the Hollywood Clinic got a head start with the Clean Eating 21 Day Challenge to prepare people for healthier lifestyles. The challenge started the week of Oct. 30 and ended

Ahfachkee students dig up history

BIG CYPRESS — Moses Jumper’s Big Cypress pasture contains more than just cattle; it also holds the remnants of an old U.S. Army fort from 1855. The Tribal Historic Preservation Office has been excavating the presumed site of Fort Shackleford since 2008 and on Nov. 20 a group of THPO archeologists

Big Cypress First Baptist Church celebrates 65 years

BIG CYPRESS — The early days of Big Cypress First Baptist Church could have never predicted the impact the church would have on the community. A small gathering that once convened at the Big Cypress Day School is now a large following that, 65 years after the church’s beginning, has

FGCU gives Tribal students college preview

FORT MYERS — College life became a close reach on Oct. 17 for students from Pemayetv Emahacv Charter School, Ahfachkee and other local schools attended by Tribal students, as they received a grand tour of Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers. The students, ranging from upper-middle schoolers to high school seniors,

Competitive grazing field trial underway in Brighton

BRIGHTON — Smutgrass is the bane of cattle ranchers throughout Florida, who spend a lot of money trying to eradicate it. The invasive grass, originally from Asia, has a strong foothold in Tribal pastures in Big Cypress and Brighton. Aaron Stam, federally-recognized Tribal extension program agent, knows that most ranchers, academics

Osceola brothers help Hurricane Irma victims

When Connie Osceola learned of the devastation Hurricane Irma caused in September, she used it as an opportunity to teach her grandsons Nigel Osceola, 12, and Dominic Osceola, 11, about giving back to the community. The two brothers, who live in Tampa, went with members of New Day Church in September

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