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Could there be a day, one day, without oil?

The Trump administration has been in office for less than a month — and already the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline is again proceeding. Company officials say oil will be flowing by June. Yes, there is a flurry of activity around the Dakota Access Pipeline, a project that has cost

Goin’ down that road feeling Sam

I’ve been travelling down this road since about 1946 or ‘48. I’ve been seeing this road basically all my life. I’m 72 now, so it must’ve been before 1950 that I first saw that dirt road. Back in those days, it didn’t look like it does today. You can see

Birthday number 72: Butterflies, J. Walker

March 20. On that morning I woke up, walked outside my chickee hut, sat down in a rocking chair on my porch and greeted the day. I thought my mind was playing with me when I looked out in my yard: There were hundreds of butterflies flying all over the

Government contracts: Good business

The federal government spends nearly $350 billion a year on goods and services, making it the world’s largest consumer. Almost a year ago, the Seminole Tribe of Florida, Inc. (STOFI) Board of Directors made the decision to try to enter the federal government marketplace. We hired Dawn Houle, a Chippewa-Cree from

A moment of excitement

When I saw the billboard with $1.5 billion on it, I went and bought several Powerball tickets. People were lined up doing the same thing I was at our local country Brighton Trading Post. I selected all my numbers and marked them on the card. What was disappointing was none of the

‘Christ’ will always be in Christmas

It’s hard to believe that it’s December! It feels more like summertime. If it weren’t for the decorations on the town’s street lights, you wouldn’t know it was Christmas. This year it has been interesting to watch the global issues that affect every human being – immigration, religion, the economy, politics, people

Holiday greetings

As 2015 draws to a close, I would like to extend a sincere thank you to our loyal staff for helping make our progress possible this year with the support of Tribal members. Our staff members worked very hard all year – now let’s take this time to relax with

Zen and the art of Big Cypress fishing

Back in the early 1950s, Big Cypress Seminole Reservation was still undisturbed wilderness. Many water birds were abundant: curlews, iron heads, blue herons, diver ducks, mallards, different types of egrets. Turkeys and deer were plentiful. The season’s change would bring in the rains, which cause the Everglades to have flowing water

Seminole ‘Cowboys’

Editor’s note: On Sept. 3, 2015, National Public Radio (NPR) published an article titled "The Indian Cowboys of Florida," referring to the Florida Seminole Indians. It was a Q-and-A between NPR writer Linton Weeks and Florida Department of State Director of Communications Meredith Beatrice. The story contained errors of fact,

Questions for the President: Cigarettes

Question: How much time have you spent, both as Chairman and now as President, on the cigarette issue? Mitchell Cypress: How many years have I served in the capacity as President or Chairman? Sixteen? The cigarette issue is always on the table. Q: The law known as Protecting Florida’s Health Act included