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O.B. Osceola Sr. retires after a lifetime building chickees

NAPLES — O.B. Osceola Sr. got his start in the chickee building business when, as an 8-year-old, he handed his father Cory Osceola palm fronds that would be used for a new chickee’s roof. He loved the work but wanted to be on the roof building it with his brothers. Eventually, Osceola,

Big Cypress cattle drive honors past

BIG CYPRESS — More than 30 Tribal and non-Tribal cowboys and cowgirls of all ages saddled up March 17 and hit the road for the 22nd annual Junior Cypress Cattle Drive and Rodeo in Big Cypress. A group of nine steer led the way as horseback riders, dogs, ATVs, bicycles and

The Everglades: An enduring battleground

In 1848, Georgia-born lawyer and politician Buckingham Smith compiled a report for Congress on the feasibility and benefit of draining the Florida Everglades. The report provided the supporting information that eventually led to the passing of Senate Bill 338 in which the U.S. government officially authorized the Everglades drainage. This

Thousands warm up to Brighton Field Day

BRIGHTON – The Brighton Field Day is still looking good at 80. The 80th edition of the annual event welcomed thousands of visitors to the Brighton Reservation for three sun-splashed days of art, culture, dance, food, music, wildlife and professional rodeo. Field Day started Feb. 16, a day when the temperature reached