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Calling all youth leaders

The oil fields of Sunniland are where I first learned about hard work. I’d routinely work 60-90 hours a week of manual labor, and every so often when I could hardly move a muscle, I’d go in and beg for a day off. They knew that my plan was to

Seminole Development and Construction LLC

Everyone’s always asking about our Seminole/Stiles LLC construction partnership. Seminole Tribe of Florida, Inc. got into the construction business and approached Stiles to enter a joint venture (JV) to enhance our profile and further diversify our economic base. This JV allowed us to create an original portfolio – a collection

Snapshots of exciting Board projects

Hard work, determination, commitment and due diligence – hallmarks of this administration – really work. Here are some brief updates of exciting Seminole Tribe of Florida, Inc. projects that are moving in the marketplace. I hope Tribal members will take a few minutes to acquaint themselves with these ventures and

A focus on growth for 2014

As the New Year begins, it’s important for us to recognize that these past two years were a time of “rebuilding.” As a result of our initiatives and execution, your current Seminole Tribe of Florida, Inc. Board issued its first dividend to Tribal members. Even as we celebrate this accomplishment,

President’s holiday message

As the holiday season is upon us and the current year comes to a close, we have many blessings to be thankful for. This not only relates to the Tribe’s success but also to the joy of being able to wake up each morning and share the days with our

Seminole Stiles: We pay ourselves

There has been much discussion lately about a joint venture (JV) that partners Seminole Tribe of Florida, Inc.’s Seminole Construction and Development, LLC with Stiles Construction of Fort Lauderdale, a well-known and proven, family-owned corporation that has been operated successfully in South Florida for more than 60 years. Our JV

Famous Salacoa herd now Seminole Pride

First you have to know what you want. Then you have to position yourself to take action if the opportunity arises. I have mentioned this approach many times in this column. In fact, it is a business strategy that this administration is fully committed to. And it works! No project since

You can bank on this bank

These are exciting days around the Seminole Tribe of Florida, Inc. We just signed a letter of intent to acquire and wholly own a bank – not just having our name on it, but wholly owning our own Seminole Tribal bank. The portfolio of the Tribe will be more diversified

Where’s the beef? It’s in Seminole Pride

There has been a lot of movement behind the scenes here at Seminole Tribe, Inc. that we have been talking a lot about, as we have been going through the process of asking questions, making decisions and forming our commitment to various projects. There are press releases going out, that

Focus, commitment and education

Ever since this administration started, we have been focused on opportunities that exist beyond  reservation boundaries. We are definitely trying to position ourselves to reach the masses with our water, juice, beef and electronic cigarettes. It’s not easy to reach the masses, though. You may have a very good product at