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Honoring veterans: A letter from President Mitchell Cypress

The following letter, written by President Mitchell Cypress, an Army and National Guard veteran, appeared in the programs for the Big Cypress and Brighton Veterans Day celebrations. To our Veterans and Guests, Today we celebrate, honor and remember our modern day warriors and heroes who so bravely fought and defended this great

Sam Jones: Our war hero

Today’s ceremony honors our war hero. You know, every year you hear people in this country talk about their heroes. Now, none of the Indians got a John Wayne, or Custer and all that stuff. We’ve got our own heroes. Ours is Sam Jones, I’ll be honest, that’s our hero. The war

Government contracts: Good business

The federal government spends nearly $350 billion a year on goods and services, making it the world’s largest consumer. Almost a year ago, the Seminole Tribe of Florida, Inc. (STOFI) Board of Directors made the decision to try to enter the federal government marketplace. We hired Dawn Houle, a Chippewa-Cree from

Holiday greetings

As 2015 draws to a close, I would like to extend a sincere thank you to our loyal staff for helping make our progress possible this year with the support of Tribal members. Our staff members worked very hard all year – now let’s take this time to relax with

Back in the saddle again

First of all, I would like to go ahead and thank everybody who gave me support for my return back to politics. Also I would like to congratulate all the seniors who graduated this year from school and remind them that no matter what field they choose, Seminole Tribe and