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New Zealand Natives visit Seminole reservations

About 8,000 miles from their home, two Natives from New Zealand toured Seminole reservations, learning about the Tribe’s culture along the way while sharing their own culture. Wikuki Kingi, of Maori/Hawaiian decent, and Tania Wolfgramma, of Maori /Tonga decent, visited the Hollywood Culture Department on Oct. 28. The couple came to

Hollywood Indian Day

HOLLYWOOD Indian Day started bright and early for residents of the Hollywood Reservation with a community walk at 7 a.m. Sept. 28. The walk was followed by breakfast at the Culture Camp where eggs, bacon, and an assortment of fresh fruits were served. The smell of smoke from the cooking chickee lingered

Big Cypress Indian Day

BIG CYPRESS Indian Day started with canoe races on the Big Cypress Reservation. Two contestants tipped their canoe over in a practice run. All other canoers managed to stay dry during the event. Everyone has a good time on the water. As the day moved along, more people began to partake

Tribal members, employees join autism walk in Sunrise

SUNRISE — The world has become accustomed to the idea of charities, donations, and fundraisers that support a cause, and along with raising money to help people with diseases and disorders come the numerous events that take place in the name of goodwill. The Autism Speaks Walk is an annual fundraising

Breast cancer awareness events highlight October

In 1985, October was sanctioned by the American Cancer Society as the official month of breast cancer awareness. The month most associated with costumes and candy has become predominantly acquainted with pink ribbons. Each year thousands of business entities and organizations throughout the U.S. sponsor charities and events to help raise